Delicate and Feminine Handmade Jewelry by Beau & Stella


Beau & Stella was founded by MarcieBanks with the goal of designing well made, feminine, delicate jewelry for women who want to treat themselves without spending a fortune. Marcie looks to her beautiful surroundings and current trends to inform her designs.

Marcie creates using a variety of techniques from hand forming wire to using computer aided design (AutoCAD) and a laser cutter to create her designs from sheets of metal (her current favorite medium).

After graduating from Tulane University with a masters degree in architecture, Marcie worked as a designer in architecture firms specializing in historic preservation before following her heart to jewelry design. All was not lost, however, as her design skills gained in architecture have been put to use in the thoughtful composition of each piece.

Beau & Stella is named after Marcie's two rescued dogs. Beau was born in Plaquemines, Louisiana after his mother was found as a stray in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Stella was found as a stray in a field in Dallas, Texas.